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Top 3 Most Popular Netflix Shows of All Time

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More and more people are watching Netflix than any other movie platforms nowadays. As the number of subscribers is growing by 10% annually, it has become a definitive modern media company. In fact, Netflix has replaced broadcast TV to be the center of American culture. This is quite obvious at the viewership numbers.

Based on the subscription video service of Netflix, the number of households who watched a particular movie can be determined. This is based on the households watching at least 2 minutes of Netflix original movie.

This is due to the online business model that allowed Netflix to gather large amounts of data from its customers. Its AI-powered algorithm was able to create personalized recommendations for each user on the basis of their demographics, preferences, ratings, and watch history.

The recommendations were quite accurate. In fact, Netflix claims that 80% of the watched content comes from recommendations.

Here are the most popular Netflix shows of all time based from statistical results.

Murder Mystery (2019) – 73 Million Views

Murder Mystery is a movie that brought about 73 million views around the world in just 4 weeks. According to Netflix, this was the most successful film after a partnership with the company and Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions in 2014.

The Witcher (2019) – 76 Million Views

The Witcher is a fantasy series drawing 76 million views after 4 weeks on Netflix. The film is also the most-watched first season of television ever on Netflix. This is based on how people watched a show for at least 2 minutes.

Netflix has changed its definition of ‘views’ from counting the accounts that watched at least 70% of one episode of the series into those that watched a show for at least a couple of minutes. This new metric has enabled The Witcher to become one of the most popular shows ever.

Orange Is The New Black (2013-2019) – 105 Million Views

Over the course of its production, Orange Is the New Black has gained 105 million views, which is the most-watched original series ever. This was after its 7th and final season in July 2019.

The popularity of the show was determined after an independent poll commissioned by MoffettNathanson in 2019. In fact, the series was their favorite Netflix show and followed by Stranger Things.

Since viewing figures are not made public by Netflix, a few other sources have to be consulted, including Rotten Tomatoes. Thus, ‘Orange is the New Black’ is placed in number 3, followed by ’13 Reasons Why’ in number 2, and ‘Stranger Things’ in number 1.

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