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  1. Chandler Bing, any day. They don’t make men like him anymore and that really disheartens me. I was elated that Chandler got married to Monica.
  2. I absolutely love Watchmen. First, see it before you make rude comments. You are talking about a replacement that does not exist yet.
  3. Mark my words, the Watchmen TV series is going to replace Game of Thrones soon enough. The way they’ve come up out of nowhere and the way the show is proceeding is going to attract a huge fan-base, provided they continue with quality content.
  4. That’s completely fine my friend! But I would suggest you see the series if you could. I can assure you won’t be disappointed with this one.
  5. The Crown is a masterpiece in itself. However, you have to pause and keep verifying the facts every two minutes of the show. Nonetheless, I find the show to be historically accurate. Tell me what do you guys think.
  6. But you guys gotta admit, these sort of movies gives you a different kinda thrill.
  7. Oh, man! I was waiting for a topic like this. Sadistic movies emanate a different kind of feeling altogether. You watch it irrespective of knowing what you’re in for. I choose the movie Mother! Horrifying scenes, I tell you. You guys should watch it.
  8. Let’s not forget Home Alone when discussing such nostalgic topic friends. This is a classic movie, and I am very sure that all of you will agree with me.
  9. I have two more documentaries to add to this list that I have seen, Blackfish and Tower.
  10. I love the story behind the movie Leaving Neverland. It depicts the hideous truth revolving around incidents from the life of Michael Jackson. I love such documentaries where they show us the real faces of our beloved idols.
  11. That’s true, Dan. There are a few movies though, like True Grit and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo that lived up to my expectations.
  12. Great Expectations is one of the finest adaptations on screen ever. There will always be some changes, however, the movie almost resembled the story of the book.
  13. These are some fine comic characters of all time. I don’t understand how are they kept from mainstream movies.
  14. I like Jean Grey, hands down! Nightcrawler, Mystique, and Magneto also fall in the list, but Jean tops it. For obvious reasons, you don’t come across a level 5 mutant easily.
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