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  1. I love Monica. I am not an expert chef like she is, but I am definitely the kind of an obsessive-compulsive person that she is.
  2. Dude, we honestly did not need Watchmen to begin with. Bojack and Stranger Things are still acceptable. There’s one more that adds as a valid replacement, The Man in The High Castle.
  3. See, if you take my opinion, only Game of Thrones can replace itself. My vote goes for House of the Dragon. Though it is not released yet, I see a lot of making up to be done for where they left in the season finale.
  4. The show may show us a lot of inaccurate details, which I can say due to obvious reasons, as no one can have access to The Royal Family, but they represented some true emotions.
  5. I agree. This is not a documentary. So it is not mandatory for the makers to show us exact incidents of history. I am not saying that true incidents haven’t been shown, but they will always have some modifications involved.
  6. Some interesting names here. I believe none of us is fans of this genre of movies.
  7. This topic literally gives me the creeps. However, since we’re discussing movies, I don’t mind asking. The most gruesome movie that I have seen till now is I Spit On Your Grave. It was very disturbing. I regret watching every bit of it. Tell me yours!
  8. I am so excited, I finally have the chance to let out how much I love the Spy Kids movie. It was a huge thing for us back in the days, with all the gadgets, flying robots, cars, and bikes. To add to it, there was a nice story line.
  9. The best part about documentaries is there is no pretence involved.
  10. You guys should really consider Waste Land into your list. It is a truly inspirational story. Based on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro shows us the picture of the locals and their livelihood.
  11. I am a bookworm and I have seen many books being transformed into movies. I have seen quite a few of them as well. But there are very limited ones that are actually good on screen.
  12. I read the book and watched the movie as well, and Silver Lining Playbooks matched my expectations of the best on-screen adaptation to date. Great performances by two of the finest actors of our time.
  13. True. These characters have depth. Though they haven’t been portrayed in truest potential in the movies. That’s what makes me sad.
  14. I stand by Scarlett Witch. Wanda Maximoff with her hurting past is a true inspiration for me. The way she pulled her out of her miserable state and became an icon of power and selflessness.
  15. I love such sad movies. I keep tubs of ice cream handy as I watch them.
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