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  1. Joey was an amazing character. Friends have impacted me in ways as nothing else could. Joey portrays liveliness. I like him maybe because I lack the same quality.
  2. Why do we end up fighting guys? It is just a healthy discussion.
  3. I think Stranger Things is soon going to take the empty space left by Game of Thrones. We had high expectations from the season finale, where a lot of us were disappointed. Stranger Things stepped in right there and delivered what Game of Thrones failed to do in the final season.
  4. I am sorry, but I haven’t seen the series till now. So it is highly difficult for me to comment.
  5. Cut it out, guys. This is a gross topic to discuss all together.
  6. Pig is the most demented movie I came across. I do not understand, really, the logic behind creating such movies. It literally gives us no message, instead fills up with darkness.
  7. I love the movie Polar Express. It is a beautiful movie for both children and grown-ups alike. The movie has so much depth. This is a movie that made me believe in myself.
  8. I have no clue to be very honest about documentaries really.
  9. I had seen this documentary which I really liked, its called Deliver Us From Evil. It is not for the faint-hearted. The documentary shows us the gruesome reality behind some of the hidden incidents that keep occurring in the dark.
  10. I have very limited knowledge on this topic. I’ll stick to the one I chose.
  11. Requiem For A Dream is a movie very close to my heart. It is sad and realistic. Both the book and the movie equally emphasizes the fallacy of the American Dream.
  12. I am glad how we keep getting better at these conversations every day.
  13. This is a nice topic, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you a long-forgotten comic character hailing all the way from Zenn-La. Silver Surfer is my all-time favourite.
  14. These are some good movies I assume by their names, as I haven’t seen most of them.
  15. One of the finest melancholic movies of all time that I have seen is Finding Neverland. It is a beautiful story inspiring the tale of a boy who never grew up.
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